Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Holy Cow! The twins are 1 today. I am way behind on posting pics. Here's 1. I spent 2 1/2 weeks "visiting" my sweeties while they were in the NICU! I'm so glad they are healthy!

Owen is on the left and Alex is on the right. This pic was taken June 1st.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


He's kind of a doggish cat. He's definitely not like most cats, which would mean instant hate from me.

His name has been changed again. It is now Rush Limbaugh. Yes, I have warped my kids. No, it wasn't my idea. He seems to like outside and doesn't want to come in as soon as I put him out. That's good, since it will be where he lives, b/c none of our allergies will be able to handle the dander in the house. I also refuse to have pets in the house for the shedding too. Our big lab, Murphy seems okay with him, he's still not totally sure about Murphy.

Yes, I know pics are long over due. I just put my camera software back on the computer, so I can access everything that's been on my camera since February.

Monday, June 18, 2007

It's been over a month.

Wow. Summer is here. It's still wet and relatively cool for June (if you can ignore the humidity). I'm working on my econ class. Jackson is insane. Victoria turned 7 on the 16th, we are still doing the occasional home school lesson (mainly math since she loves it and reading is just normal now). The twins will be 1 on the 27th. We have done a lot of work and have a floor (and no trim) in the dining room. Swim lessons begin tonight at the Y. We bought a wooden swing set we have to put together now. Jonathan is about to get really busy with the new Cessna program he's been given at work. He also decided we needed a cat. Now we have a kitten tentatively named Doby. I say tentatively, because I noticed it looks like he has a Hebrew letter on his forehead (a tav for those interested) and I'm tempted to call him by that letters name. I'm not sure if he's going to be dog food for our lab or not yet.

Ya, life is good.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A RIver Runs Through It.

No, not the book. I'm talking about my dining room.

I called out a guy who specializes in floor leveling and fixing crawl space foundations (I will call it csf from here). J has done some csf work before and we had an idea of what we would do, but we decided to get and estimate and hear from the "professional". This is another instance where we just don't feel like we can trust others to do the work. What the guy told us "needed" to be done is really not the issue and even though it could use some work. If your nervous about the process is easy (it's just uncomfortable because it's under the house, ewww).

This guy went under our house and gave us an estimate of $2,000 to replace 1 stringer and add a few supports to that stringer. As we ripped up our dinning sub floor (which is needed to level before we add new floor) we saw that their are 2 stringers in the dining/office section and 2 in the living room/entry section. The stingers remove flex in the floor and could be better, but they are okay. Our issue was in a big dip on each side of the door between the living and dining room. That issue is minimal and a very simple fix. This guy was going to charge us a ton of money for nothing. I'm so glad we decided to fix it ourselves and started to rip the floor up to see we were going to be riped off.

As it stands I only have 1/2 of the sub floor down in my dining room and with all of the rain (over 6 inches in the last 9 days-this isn't counting the rain we got at the end of April) we have a small pond under the dining room and a lake under the living room. We can't rip op the rest of the floor until the rain stops so we don't sink in the mud. We now have to find out if the water is high water table, rain or both. I guess the fix for that will be a little easier with the floor out. Also our 107 year old house has knob and tube wiring, so we get to work on that too. It just never ends.

We are crazy, that or stupid, I'm not sure which yet.

**Yes, I know I need to post lots of pictures, but I still haven't loaded my camera software onto the old computer yet.


Jackson was sitting on the kitchen table (yes he climbed up himself) , looking at the babies. I hear him start yelling, "HE'S PURPLE! WE'RE GOING TO GET YOU BACK BABY!" He said it 3 or 4 times.

I look to see Owen doing his "business". He was red and holding his breath as he went. Jackson I guess was assuming that he was going to die. I just laughed.

The funny thing about him freaking out about the baby is the fact that he started talking about the babies at the hospital today. It's been 10 months and he hasn't mentioned the hospital, until today. He does remember it well, we did spend enough time there.


Dusty is home. They weren't taking very good care of him at the hospital after ICU and his blood sugar shot up (WAY UP). They weren't medicating him, so he had to get his kit from home to get insulin. The doctor sent him home, because the hospital was not taking care of him. His levels are normal again, but he is down to 115 lbs. Please keep him in your prayers still. Feeling that far down will take a bit to recover from.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Prayer Request!

My Dad just called about a half hour ago and told me that my cousin Dusty (he's in my friends under DUTTY) is in the ICU. He is diabetic and the only details I have are that his blood sugar and blood pressure went high and that his kidneys are wanting to shut down.

Please pray for strength, peace, comfort and healing for Dusty.

Please pray for peace and comfort for his family (his wife, 2 kids, parents, sister, etc).

Please pray for good competent doctors and nurses and that the Lord will bless them as they take care of him.

Thank you!

***This was what I posted on myspace if you received this in an e-mail also, that is why there is the "found in my friends" comment.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Wow...just wow.

Hoof's, bleating, not eating dog food, weird bowel movements (in comparison to a dog) how do you not know?

Quick Political Quiz

This is quick.

I'm down to 18 in my inbox, my goal has been reached.


I'm down to 28.

Everyone has a cough at our house right now. I'm not sure if it's a cold or just allergies.

We re coming to the end of a lot of our current activities and our school year. PE ended Tuesday for the spring. We have 3 weeks left of AWANA. We have about 4 weeks left of dance and a recital. Soccer was to end on the 5th, but we had a game rained out. Now our season is extended to the 12th, but we have a family reunion that day and won't be here. Our coaches are considering a tournament the same day as V's recital the 19th. We'll see how it all goes down. This spring has been fun, but wild.

May 4th and 5th are busy for us. We have the homeschool convention in OKC (we are just going to the vender's to pick up and finalize our curriculum selection Friday AM). Jonathan also wants to got o the Pawnee Steam and Gas Engine Show and our soccer game is at 10:30 Saturday.

We are going to have to start gating. The babies have each climbed a step now. They each have 2 teeth, but I believe they are working on more.

Jackson is in the terrible three's (terrible two's are a lie). Issues at 2 are a lack of communication and 3's are open defiance. He might live if he's lucky. Ha! Ha!

Jonathan has been made the program engineer are a new Cessna project and he's busy, but things are going well.

I start school at the end of May and I am taking 3 hours this summer (Macro Econ) and 6 this fall (Micro Econ and Music Appreciation).

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Baptism Cannonball

Why didn't I think of this when I got baptised? This kid gets it, loving Christ should be fun!

*39 in my inbox